Saturday, September 26, 2009

49 Pilihan Content Management System - CMS

Jika kamu sedang mencari system (Content Management System - CMS) untuk membuat atau mengupgrade website kamu saat ini, berikut ada 49 daftar pilihan CMS yang bagus. Beberapa CMS bisa didownload dengan gratis, ada yang hosted dan ada juga yang khusus untuk spesifikasi industri. Semua sistem yang ada tersebut memiliki sedikit perbedaan, tetapi memiliki kelebihan masing-masing. Daftar berikut dibuat berdasarkan abjad.
1. Blogger
Platform blogging yang hosted.
2. BricaBox
Platform Publishing baru. BricaBox dapat memudahkan kamu membuat website tentang segala sesuatu yang kamu ketahui, membuat, mengatur dan menggabungkan pada orang yang kamu kenal.
3. Clickbooq
mudah digunakan dalam pembuatan, pengelolaan dan hosting website, solusi pengembangan bagi fotografer profesional.
4. ClickCMS
imagine being able to update and change your website content when YOU want to…not having to wait for your web developer to do it for you.
5. Doodlekit
is an online FREE website builder that helps you build a personal or business website.
6. Drupal
Dipercaya menjadi yang terbaik, lebih mudah dari CMS yang ada saat ini.
7. Ekklesia 360
is the next generation Content Management System. Learn how we can deliver more than a website, we help ministries and churches do ministry online.
8. Ellington
is an online publishing system designed from the ground up for media sites.
9. Flying Cart
Create an Online Store
10. Frog CMS
CMS ini memiliki user interface yang rapi, pengaturan halaman yang lebih fleksibel, pengelolaan pengguna dan perizinan yang mudah, kemudahan pada pengelolaan file.
11. Gelato
dibuat menggunakan AJAX, PHP, dan MySQL
Takes you into the ultimate 3d world… no downloads just the internet in 3d. Create your own unlimited online space, it's fast, easy and free.
13. GoodBarry
Website management and customer database. Email marketing and eCommerce. Web analytics and customer profiling. It's one, central console with everything you need to run your online business.
14. Inserit
Create amazing dynamic pages with programming.
15. Jogango
5 minutes from now your mobile site will be on the air, Jag it now and Go
16. Jimdo
With Jimdo everyone can show his or her interests and passion on the Internet – on his own website! In fact, it's for free and no previous knowledge is required!
17. Joomla!
Believed to be the most powerful, diverse open source cms in the world.
18. Leafletter
is the "revolutionary" way for anyone to create a portable, interactive "little web site" ("Leaflet") using nothing but a web browser.
19. LightCMS
The friendly CMS for web designers. LightCMS is a content management system for web designers. Design sites, upload them to our content management system, and deploy world-class websites your clients can manage themselves.
20. Magento
Next generation eCommerce. Open source, freely available, and great.
21. Mephisto
is a great web publishing system. It’s a blog engine with some simple CMS-ish concepts (sections, pages), a very flexible templating system, and an aggressive caching scheme that takes advantage of your web server’s best traits.
22. ModX
The AJAX CMS for today. And tomorrow. MODx is an open source PHP Application Framework that helps you take control of your online content. It empowers developers and advanced users to give as much control as desired to whomever they desire for day-to-day website content maintenance chores.
23. Moodle
Course management system (CMS) – gratis, paket software Open Source yang dirancang menggunakan prinsip-prinsip suara pedagogical, untuk membantu pengajar membuat komunitas atau semacam e-learning.
24. MoveableType
Open source publishing and blogging platform.
25. Pagety
is somewhere between a CMS and a hosting platform. Actually, it's both a CMS and a hosting platform, because there's no need to separate the two.
26. Pligg
Open source CMS. Seperti Digg.
27. PrestShop
is professional-grade e-Commerce shopping cart software that you can download, install, and use for free!
28. Radiant
CMS built on Ruby.
29. Reflect
a hosted website solution that allows web designers and their clients to easily create and manage websites. Through a seamless content management system, Reflect bridges the gap between the high costs of a custom solution and the low customization of an off-the-shelf system.
30. Roxer
Now anyone can create stunning websites online in just minutes.
31. SchoolRack
Create a free teacher website to keep students and parents informed outside of the classroom.
32. Shopify
Membuat toko e-commerce milik kamu sendiri.
33. Shopit
Get your free social commerce storefront
34. Silverstripe
Content Management the way it was meant to be. Powerful enough for any website or intranet design and simple enough for anyone to use
35. SiteMighty
We build the site. You're in business.
36. SpotMerchant
Generate business with our professional and easy to use premium web2.0 stores
37. Symphony
XML/XSL Flexible CMS. Symphony adalah sebuah sistem promosi web yang dibuat oleh pengembang web. Mempunyai fleksibelitas dan lebih hebat dari apa yang kamu butuhkan.
38. TeamSnap
Manage your sports team, online.
39. Texty
Simple Content Management and Comments for Any Webpage

40. Triggit
Dapat menambahkan gambar, video, iklan dan masih banyak halaman lainnya dengan cepat.
41. Tuplix
Casual website authoring for any site anywhere
42. TypePad
is the premier blogging service, hosting the world’s leading blogs and small business websites.
43. TypeRoom
Lite is a website editing tool that allows you to edit a website in seconds.
44. uShops
is the online channel for individuals and businesses who want to increase their profits, reach new customers and speed business growth.
45. Webnode
brings you a brand new innovative way of creating and editing advanced websites by just using a web browser. Free.
46. Weebly
Create your website. Fast. Easy. Now.
47. Wirenode
Build your own mobile web in 5 minutes
48. Wordpress
Dipercaya menjadi yang terbaik dalam platform blog saat ini. Open source dan gratis. Tersedia versi Hosted dan non-hosted, disarankan yang non-hosted.
49. Zinadoo
promoting and enhancing mobile communications


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